My parents take care of me

My parents take care of me!

Every child has the right to live with his or her parents. If that is impossible because the parents are absent, or because they mistreat the child, the child nevertheless has the right to know where his or her parents are, and to continue to see them. (Article 9)

If the parents live in different countries, the child has the right to see both of them. (Article 10)

Children have the right to a private life. The law shall protect them from attacks on their way of life, family, dwelling, honour and reputation. (Article 16)

To respect and make real the rights of the child is above all the responsibility of their parents and families. They have rights and duties that States must respect. (Article 5)

Both parents are responsible for the education and development of a child, and must be guided always by the idea of doing what is best for him or her. States must organize things so that this can take place under the best possible conditions. If parents are unable to care for a child, someone else is appointed to do so. (Article 18)

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