I have an identity!

The law protects me in all situations!

All children have the right to embrace or choose their culture, language and religion, even if this places them in a minority in the country where they live. (Article 30)

Every child with a handicap has the right to special care and protection. He or she must be helped to develop as effectively as possible, as are children without a handicap. The parents of a handicapped child should receive assistance. (Article 23)

Children who have been subjected to violence, mistreatment or negligence should receive special protection in order to allow them to return to as normal a life as possible. (Article 39)

Sometimes, for various reasons, such as famine or war, children must leave their home. These children have the right to assistance to ensure their survival and in finding their families again. If they have had to leave their country, they have the right to refugee status, to receive assistance and protection, and to exercise their rights. (Article 22)

In situations of war, children should be protected and receive the care they need. Children under the age of fifteen should not participate in war or be members of an army. (Article 38)

When a country’s laws provide protection for the rights of children even greater than those given by this Convention, it is the laws of the country that will apply. (Article 41)

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